Extreme Adventures Photos

Kayaking La Paz Falls, Costa Rica

Photograph by Lucas Gilman

Professional kayaker Pat Keller plunges over 120-foot La Paz Falls in the central highlands of Costa Rica. Keller survived the extreme drop—though he broke his right hand.

Surfing Waimea Bay, Hawaii

Photograph by Dave Collyer

Surfer Jamilah Star escapes a close-out, a wave that breaks along its entire length all at once, at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. "As the swell got bigger, the crowd got thinner," says photographer Dave Collyer. "This was one of the waves that closed out. Two Jet Skis barely made it over this wave, and Jamilah, who had just paddled out, barely got over the top of the crest."

Backcountry Skiing, Austria

Photograph and caption by Amin Zavieh, My Shot

A skier cuts through powder on a peak in Saalbach, Austria. This region of Salzburg is a popular destination for skiers, with multiple runs and extensive backcountry options.

Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge

Photograph by Monica Dalmasso, Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge

Competitors in the 2010 Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge trek across the desert during the six-day endurance race. Racers began with a triathlon-style prologue in Abu Dhabi city, then traveled by bus to Al Ain, where they confronted the Jebel Hafeet mountain range. Next they hiked across the Rub al Khali desert before ending the challenge with a sea kayaking leg.

BASE Jumping, Utah

Photograph by Michael Clark, Red Bull Content Pool

A Red Bull Air Force Team member BASE jumps off a cliff in southwestern Utah. The extra fabric in the wing suits creates lift allowing the jumper to "fly." Parachutes aid in a safe landing.