New Wallpaper

To add a new basis for your iPhone 4 -
By Paul Makepeace

Your iPhone can fit in your personal Hobbies or recent photos, it can be done several ways, using the iPhone-or iPhone 4 - 4 sheets of vinyl sheets on the skin for the background of your picture in the papers you will find the lock on the screen or the screen is used to adjust . IPhone-skins acts as a link to a website where you can download and install it next to your iPhone.

The vinyl sheets are also great protection for your iPhone-in case of accidental damage occurs frequently. By iPhone 4 - vinyl sheets are attached, can reduce damage and save you money on a new phone.

New Wallpaper
New Wallpaper
New Wallpaper
If you do not want that skin you can use your password or lock the screen or other image to my house. You can choose photos that you have, what will happen to your camera roll, that picture of your photos from your mobile or iPhone-Sync your computer.

The lock screen wallpaper will appear every time you use the iPhone and the slider is open, it seems, when you have a man that you call your contacts list, you can show pictures of your contacts list, it can be a photo of the person or something that reminds them of your albums or camera roll.

Here are instructions on how to set the background to the lock screen and main screen of your iPhone.

1. Go to settings, select Posters
2. Click on the picture of the lock and internal screens
3. Press Poster or Photo
4. Press select an image or photo, if selected as a picture, drag the picture to place and use the zoom feature to display it the way you want it
5. Press Enter or select a photo as a background on your screen or lock screen, or both

If you have an iPhone or iPhone 4 4 ​​skins vinyl sheets, then the image is a photograph of the skin that came after. Library of downloading. Use this image on your iPhone 4 - skins to adapt and adjust your phone for future use is over.