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How to center a background image using Dreamweaver
By Hugo Degallo

If you have to build your own website, there is a design decision. What color do you want to use the scheme. What is the best layout for your content. What kind of background should be used.

Background images can have an impact on visitors to your website. Some people use a real picture of the background to the other design elements are used to determine the contents of the container, that special touch. Regardless of what type of background image you use, it helps if you know how to use the image as a center, regardless of the size of the browser.

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Background Images
Background Images
Background Images
Of course, you can always use HTML in your background in the center, but if you're like me, when it comes to tagging sites, there is a much easier way. If you are using CSS and div id holders to create your website, you must save your style sheet in a separate folder where you put your style sheet, you can edit the CSS rules, as well as needed.

Page Properties

Although there is an option under the properties page to a wallpaper image using the background image on your page to add or adjust features. If you want more control over the positioning of your Image in the background, use the page properties.

body style

Style and body until you find the CSS rule you want to edit, you can find the style that the CSS styles tab in the upper right corner or lower left corner of the window. Click Edit Rule, and options appear in the background, like any other CSS rule.


If you click on the background, you see the options available for loading the image and background image is displayed according to the preferences you want. You can set it to scroll or fixed, as well as horizontal and vertical center of image: try different settings until you get it how you want it.